Ways to Solve World Refugee Crisis

RefugeesAccording to statistics, about 65 million people were forced to vacate their homes due to disaster and conflict last year. This means that, in every passing minute, 24 people become refugees.

The refugee situation is what led 148 countries to sign the Refugee Convention in 1951. Even though these counties signed to this convention promised to protect the rights of refugees, the reality is actually the opposite. Many refugees nowadays are denied the rights to live independent lives, a majority of them are supported by the international organization and majority of them are not permitted to cater for their own needs.

To add salt to injury, most refugees nowadays do not get to enjoy the freedom of movement even though they are entitled to it according to the international law.

Today, the number of refugees and displaced people are more than any other time since the World War II. Therefore there is a need to find the solution to this crisis before it escalates. The following are some of the ways to solve the refugee crisis in the world today.


Grant asylum to those who need it

Nobody should be denied the right to seek asylum in another country as seeking asylum is a human right. The process involved in seeking asylum should also be free and fair so as to ensure that those who actually need it get it. Many asylum seekers spend years waiting for an answer from the country that they are seeking asylum while others are sent back to their countries despite the real danger that they could face in their countries.


Saving lives

The leaders of the world need to ensure that saving lives is their priority. Nobody should ever have to die while crossing the border because the country they are passing does not care. For instance, in May 2015, while Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia were still bickering o who should come to the aid of people who were fleeing persecution in Myanmar, these people suffered for weeks while they were on their boats. Governments can avoid such cases by being quick to act and helping people who are in distress.


Stop blaming refugees

Most times, governments blame the refugees when their country is facing a social or economic problem. They shift blame on the refugees instead of dealing with the issues to do with racial discrimination and every kind of xenophobia that exists in their country. This is extremely to the refugees. In addition, blaming refugees brings about tension and also the fear of foreigners and may eventually lead to violence and even worse, death.

The refugee crisis should be addressed first before looking at what can be done so as to reduce the number of people fleeing their country every year. It is also important to remember that no human being is illegal.









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